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Why Tax Assist

If any of these factors are important to you, then Tax Assist can add value to your Tax matters.

Tax Assist                             Parameters                                                                                                

     Professional (Qualified Consultant Team)                                                           
     Trustworthy, Dependable & Transparent                                                       
     365 Days a Year - 24/7                                                           
     Multi-city (National & International)                                                                                             
     Experienced (More than 200 man years)                                                                         
     One-desk Solutions & Multidisciplinary                   
     Internet enabled              


A few of your winning points when you associate with us are as follows:


Easy Filing
Easy: Just provide us your documents (email, courier or a visit) and we will do the computation, accounting and file your Returns on your behalf.
Fast Tax Filing Fast: It take only 1-7 days to file your Returns once we receive all the documents from you.
Secure Tax Filing Secure: All your financial information and documents are maintained in a secure and fully confidential manner.
Value Tax FIling Value: We work on a ‘cost-plus’ model, hence our fee is directly proportional to the work involved and we ourselves will advise you on the most cost effective option to get your work done.
Expert Tax Filing Expert: You issues are looked after by a multi-disciplinary team of qualified and experienced professionals who have an expertise in accountancy, legal practice and banking.
Life Long Tax Filing Life-Long: Your relationship with us should ideally last a life-time as we keep your interest first and work toward you and your family’s benefit.
Support Tax Filing Support: Prompt client support for your queries and issues are provided through emails, telephone calls or through physical meetings with our expert advisors.
Global Tax Filing Global File from Anywhere: Wherever you are in the world, you can file your returns through us. We have clients who have been filing tax returns for more than 5 years through us but we have never met. Hence distance is not an issue anymore.
NRI Tax Filing NRI/International Tax Expert : Our expertise & experience over the years in cross-border taxation is of immense help to provide you (NRI / RNRI / Expat) solutions that are most optimal.
Approved Tax Filing Approved : We and our consultants are approved by various organizations and  industry, hence you are assured of quality and qualified advisory.
Assured Tax Filing Assured / Guarantee* : You are assured of benefits (savings or earnings) in your relationship with us over the years. (For select Plans only)