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We provide a full bouquet of Tax Services to Non-resident Indians (NRI's), Returning Non-resident Indians (RNRI's) & Expat's who require absolutely exclusive services as each of you will have unique requirements which require absolutely customized & transparent solutions delivered in a professional & timely manner.

Tax Assist has an experience of almost a decade in dealing with international tax & finance and is possibly the best consultancy suited to your requirements in India.

You can choose either a full bouquet service package available for you or individual solutions.

The full service packages will consist of practically all services that you may require regarding taxation matters at a flat retainer-ship fee for the full year or you can take individual solutions if you require specific assistance only.


Service Features:

Indicative Suitablity* Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Service Features
E Filing a a a a
ITRV Submission a a a a
Compliance a a a a
Tax Payment Assistance a a a a
Tax Optimisation Advisory   a a a
Tax Refund Assistance   a a a
Personalised Services   a a a
Dedicated Personal Consultant   a a a
Asset & General Advisory   a a a
Priority Processing     a a
Round the Year Tax Consultancy   4 Times 6 Times Unlimited
Accounting Basic Standard Premium Premium
Assessment Protection   a a a
True Value   a a a
Scrutiny Protect     a a
Archive Management   1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Legal Services# 


Priority Priority Priority
#Legal Services is provided by M/s Law Masters (
* The comparison chart for various plans is indicative only and may differ on a case to case basis. The classification of services in a Plan does not necessary mean that each and every or all the services will be provided which have been listed under that particular plan. Keeping in mind the varied differences in documents and documentation for tax filers it is not possible to enumerate or determine the specific time or effort required to complete a given task hence it is not possible to exactly specify the nature or quality or quantity of specific services, hence we shall not be liable or penalised or requested for a refund in whatsoever manner if any of the abover services are not provided in that specific plan. This chart is on a best effort basis and the services enumerated are also on a best effort basis and are indicative only. Specisfic customised packages for customised services are also available.
Specific Services
Capital Gains from House Property     a a
Share/Commodity Accounting     a a
Revised Returns     a a
DTAA/Repatriation Consulting     a a
Wealth Tax        a

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