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Legal Representation

Owning a house is an important thing in ones life. However, you need to be careful while purchasing a property to avoid falling into legal hassles. A lot of care is needed from the beginning- right from site seeing till the registration of the land. The legal status of the land is one of the first issues that you should address before confirming a property. Don't give any advance before getting confirmation about the legal status of the property.

The whole process of buying a property is a critical process with wide-ranging legal implications. It is advisable to appoint a lawyer to protect your interests and guide you through right from the title search till the registration of the property.

Meet with your potential lawyer and make sure that there is an easy rapport between you. Have him/her detail out all the work that requires to be done, the costs and the time involved. There is a lot of room for mis-communication and that is usually the reason that things derail. It is important that all the information that you come into possession of regarding the deal be passed on to your legal team so that they may take the appropriate actions. Something insignificant missed today may have consequences later on.

It is important to have competent legal representation while executing a property deal and it is worth the time and effort to appoint a qualified, professional and experienced lawyer.


Lawyer for purchaser
You have found your dream home and have made up your mind to buy it. What can your lawyer do to assist you? A buyer has decided to buy your property and you are happy with the price offered. What can your lawyers do for you in this case?

Pre-Contract Negotiations : Before you make payment to the seller of your dream home or the property you like, it is always prudent to first consult your lawyers. Your lawyer could help you scrutinize the property documents and the agreement that your seller or agent has proposed to see if the terms and conditions stated are fair and reasonable and suits your requirements.

When you should appoint a lawyer?
For buyers, a lawyer should be appointed as soon as possible preferably even before any deposit or booking fee is paid to the seller.

Your lawyer can then check up on important facts such as to ensure that the sellers are in fact the rightful owners of the property in question and have the right to sell it to you, the tenure and size of the property, whether any other persons have any conflicting claims over the property etc.

What your lawyer can do for you?
For buyers, your lawyers should advise you as to:
1. The particulars of the property.
2. Your eligibility to buy, for example, whether there are any restrictions, foreigner's purchase etc.
3. Your financing arrangement.
4. Timing the usage of funds. For example, if you had earlier sold another property or flat and is expecting the same proceeds to finance the new property.
5. Agreement and registration.


Lawyer for Seller
A buyer has decided to buy your property and you are happy with the price offered. What can your lawyers do for you in this case?

Pre-Contract Negotiations : Before you receive any monies from the intended buyer, you may wish to consult your lawyer first. Your lawyer can advice you as to:
1. How much money you will receive from the buyers before completion of the transaction.
2. When you need to move out of the premises.
3. Your other rights and liabilities

When you should appoint a lawyer?
For sellers, you should appoint a lawyer as soon as you are ready to grant an option to the intended buyers.

What your lawyer can do for you?
The lawyer can protect your interest in the transaction securing your consideration as per the terms and conditions of the agreement.