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What is CIBIL?
CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Limited) is the India's first credit information bureau. A credit bureau is a repository of credit information of all customers of its members, which comprises banks and financial institutions. CIBIL is one such organization that collates credit information contributed by its members and disseminates it to lenders, helping them in their credit-decision-making and lending process. In addition to above activities it also maintains account of settled loans and credit card for 7 years to come.

What is the CIBIL Credit Report?
Credit Information Report (CIR) is a report card of factual records provided by member group to the CIBIL. Credit grantors are leading Banks, State Financial Corporations, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Financial Institutions, and Credit Card Companies, Housing Finance Companies, who are Members of CIBIL. Its purpose is to help credit grantors make informed lending decisions accurately and speedily at better terms.

Where does CIBIL get the information from?
All leading banks and financial institutions are members of CIBIL. CIBIL collects information from these Members, collates and disseminates it in order to create a truly comprehensive snapshot of a borrower's credit history.

When is a credit facility classified as 'default'?
CIBIL IS not FOR classifying any accounts as default accounts or any borrowers as defaulters. It merely reflects this information after the Member has classified. The Number of Days Past Due and / or Asset Classification as per RBI definition as submitted by Members is reflected in the CIBIL Credit Report.

Does the CIBIL Credit Report indicates if credit should or should not be given?
The CIBIL Credit Report only submitted by CIBIL members and does not provide any indication or comment pertaining, to whether credit should or should not be granted. The credit grantors who have received an application for credit will make their own credit decision depending on their risk management policies. CIBIL does not grant or deny credit.

On what ground does CIBIL provide a credit report?
CIBIL is a repository of credit information and in the consumer ground it provides information on the various loans availed of and cards held by an individual from a member bank. Its commercial report covers the credit availed of by non-individuals.

How is a credit report helpful to credit underwriters?
The credit report shows account information such as repayment record, defaults, type of loan, amount of loan, etc. of the customer. This information facilitates prudent decision-making when the credit underwriter processes the loan/credit-card application.