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Property Transaction

Our tax and legal consultants can provide you the needed advisory and assistance in taking the best decision for your real estate and properties which will definitely form a larger part of your portfolio of assets and you should consult professionals for managing the nitty-gritty's of your estate.

If it be a purchase/sale or any legal change in property status, we can assist you to effectively plan out the transaction with least effort and in a professional & dependable manner.

Right from doing a search report to drafting the agreement to legal checking of documents and to registration/mutation, to repatriation, we are experts in property related matters and your estate will be in able hand of our lawyers and advisors who have decades of experience in the field.

We can assist you with:
> Sale deeds
> Agreement to sale deeds
> Earnest money receipts
> General power of Attorneys (GPA)
>Special Power Attorney (SPA)
> Possession documents
> Transfer documents
> Registration
> Search reports
> Property Loans
> Capital gains taxation
> Tax returns
> Repatriation from sale of property
> RBI / Income Tax Clearances

Important services in the field of Property Laws:
> All services pertaining to property acquisition, legal documentations and registration services pertaining to sale, transfer, lease all kinds of property.
> Advice on all matters of property law, transfer of property act, partition of property, disputes pertaining to sale and purchase of property of all kinds.
> Litigation services pertaining to disputes of all kinds of property both movable and immovable.
> Legal services pertaining to mutation and transfer of the title of property, assessment under house tax, property tax, wealth tax etc.
> Lawyer for all kinds of services related to property law in India.
> Lawyer for buying a house.
> Online lawyer for drafting and vetting all legal forms and legal documents related to property law in India.
> Handling of Property disputes: launching and defending all kinds of property disputes before courts, tribunals and all kinds of forums. Most suitable litigation services in India pertaining to the property disputes of all types.


Our Indian attorneys handle all property disputes with most accurate and effective legal services through their proactive approach which provides the desired results.

Property documentation & registration: Indian attorneys at our law firm provide all the services related to documentation, drafting, vetting, registration of Sale deeds, agreement to sell, general power of attorney, special power of attorney, transfer of property, lease, license, sale deed, gift, relinquishment etc.

Title Search and advice on property: Entire services pertaining to title search of a property, due diligence for knowing the legal status of the property. Collection and analysis of entire legal information about the nature and use of the property in relation to the local laws applicable which provides the most suitable opinion for acquiring any property.

Estate distribution advices: Legal services pertaining to partition and distribution of property, estate, assets amongst the partners, family members, LRs. Drafting and vetting of family settlements and all services related to settlement of the property disputes of all kinds.

Mortgages: All services related to the negotiation for mortgages, documentation with regard to mortgage. Determination of the nature of mortgage and determination of the terms and conditions of the mortgage. Documentation with regard to mortgage, release of mortgage and all the services contained therein.

Property acquisition advices: Services related to enquiry of the title of the property, due diligence disclosing the legal title, status of the property. Analysis of entire legal documents in relation to the use of the property and compliances of the local laws applicable which provides the most suitable opinion for acquiring any property. Advice on the nature of documentation required for acquiring the property.