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Global Tax FilingOne of the most important concerns for an Non-resident Indian (NRI) or even an Returning Non-resident Indian (RNRI) is whether he will be able to take the funds/assets from India to offshore countries.

Major transactions undertaken in a lifetime -such as selling a property, inheritance, overseas education, health services, investments among others must be reviewed for tax & legal implications & from the repatriation point of view. Ideally, the plan will be updated as required to respond to changes in the in the personal situation.

One the most important services that Tax Assist provides to its NRI/RNRI clients is planning the repatriation from the inception to final repatriation as and when the need may arise.

If you want to send funds overseas or to get funds into India, we are the best in the industry for providing you expertise in remittance and clearances.

Tax clearances or RBI clearance, Form 15 CA and Form 15 CB and many more aspects of repatriation is dealt with dexterity at our desk.