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In the Tax Assist family we assure our clients of the most secure, professional and dependable tax and related services. 

Our testimonials and our clients are proof of the confidence the our clients have in us over the years of tax services that they have experienced with us.

We assure clients of savings with us, using our transparent and dependable advisory, provided by qualified and ecperienced consultants. We represent few illustrations of our clients who have benefited form joining the Tax Assist family and that too very early in their association with us and as assured by us.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings 2


Client Name* : Names are not revealed in totality as you will understand we deal with confidential information and the names mentioned may be representative and not the actual names of the clients.
Savings/Earnings (INR) : Savings and Earnings includes savings in terms of taxes or earnings in terms of advisory or from negotiating better deals or availing discounts and benefits from 3rd party vendors.
Year : The number of Years of relationship with the client where he has had the benefit which surpasses the fee that he will spending on availing our services.


Few of the feedbacks we have received:


> Tax Assist is very helpful for individuals to maintain their financial integrity. All my tax & financial worries have disappeared - Dr. T. Sabui, India


> Why did I not meet you 15 years earlier? - Capt. M K Das, India


> Thank you very much for being there. I had my doubts before I joined you but you are definitely one of the best consultants I have          

    met in India and in UK - Dr K Agnihotri, UK


> Your proposition suits me best. Once with you, I don't need to worry at all. Your advisory is one of the best

    in the country for sure - Dr. S Chatterjee, UK


> I have never experienced such professional & prompt services in India - S Ghosh, Singapore


> Un-till now I was running away from Taxes & Tax Assist has changed my mind now - A Das, MSC, India


> We need your organization to open a branch in Dubai & Kuwait - B N P Gupta, Engineer, Dubai


> Huge information about tax - P Sharma, Marine Engineer, India


> Very nice and a lot of knowledge - D Chauhan, Seafarer, India


> Tax Assist has helped me tackle tax & setting my finances in order - A Tigga, MSC, India


> No problems at all after joining you. Your services are very professional and reliable. Thank you - Dr A Bagchi, IIM, India


> I am sure with the service that you are providing, you will de very well - K Kumar, India


> We have been looking for a reliable option in India for a long time, finally we have found you and your services as per our requirements - K Grover, US