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Last Date for IT Returns

Last Date for IT Returns



How to file your Indian Tax Returns from anywhere in the World?


The refurbished Income Tax Departments arsenal of technology makes it possible for Indians living across the World to file their Income Tax Returns every year without coming to India.


With millions of Indians living overseas, the NRI populace has historically always had a trying time to stay compliant with various statutory requirements in India. With non-transparent process and unreliable time frames, getting things done in India gives most people a little jitter down the spine.


The process laid down here is the most convenient way to file your Income Tax Returns in India from anywhere in the World. 


      1.       You are NOT required to be physically present in India as all your requirements are taken care of by your appointed qualified and experienced Consultant.

      2.       You can comfortably sail through the by-lanes of Departmental work through the appointed Advisor and Consultant.

      3.       You get a specific time-frame of getting things done.

      4.       Most importantly, you can sleep tight without getting anxious.

Get yourself The Local Consultant to the Global Indian!